The Laundry Association (Australia) Limited (LAA) represents companies in the rental of textiles and/or commercial laundering and re-distribution of textile products; Suppliers including laundry equipment manufacturers, distributors, consumable and chemical suppliers specific to the Industry which service a range of sectors – including:

  • Health, public and private hospitals
  • Restaurants and general food service;
  • Hotels and other accommodation;
  • Food manufacturing;
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing;
  • Corrective services;
  • General industries and/or other sectors requiring commercial laundering of textile products and the related supply chain

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Engaging Members

The LAA engages members to advance the knowledge; competency; skills; and abilities within the industry through education; member services; and professional advice.

Our aim is to continuously improve the commercial laundry supply-chain through our affiliations with international industry associations; innovation; research and development; review and development of Australian Standards; and best practice.

We set and maintain high professional standards for our Members and the Industry by taking an interest in matters that affect the laundry sector including legislative; economic; and social matters with the view to improving; promoting; and protecting the interests of its members. We engage and support industry stakeholders to ensure we meet the needs of the members; industry; customers; and the community.

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Members Benefits



We are the laundry industry’s voice to
government, standards and regulatory
bodies. We ensure our members
voices are heard to influence policies
and issues that concern the members
and the industry generally.


All LAA member details are included on
our website for current and future


Training and Education

We encourage the development of industry
based education and training through
registered training organisations and
in-house in member companies. Education
and training is essential to ensure
compliance with Codes of Practice and
workplace safety requirements.

Calendar of Events

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