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25 Jun 2016

The World Textile Services Congress

Have you heard about the new national trade association which has taken the place of TRLA A Ltd? A Board of Directors was elected in February, and the board meets next on the morning of May 4th. After

October 5 – 7 , 2016


25 Jun 2016

Gulf Laundrex Linen Care Expo

Following the success of the first edition of Gulf Laundrex Linen Care Expo, the premier trade show dedicated to the Middle East’s laundry and dry cleaning industry, preparations are on for the second edition for the show. The next edition of Gulf Laundrex Linen Care


25 Jun 2016

Laundry Cost Index

TSA releases a bi-annual Laundry Cost
Index that indicates the increases, or
decreases, in a laundry’s cost basket. The cost
basket is made up of labour, textiles,energy,
diesel and other transport, and other costs


22 Jun 2016

Let This Dog Who Earns $15,000 A Month Show You How To Dress Like A BOSS.


22 Jun 2016

Laundry Association General Meeting


21 Jun 2016

PL 101: Innovative Tools Help Laundry Room Managers

Managing and improving laundry operations through advanced technologies

RIPON, Wis. — With advanced controls, networking capabilities and green technologies, laundry equipment has undergone major improvements in recent years. While all of these cutting-edge advancements work in different ways, they have one thing in common: they aim to reduce the overall operating costs and maximize throughput for on-premises laundry (OPL) facilities.

These innovations allow you to stay constantly connected to your laundry operation through real-time and remote monitoring capabilities.

They also help you set benchmarks and make immediate adjustments to simplify your laundry room management and minimize costs at every stage. Whether your current machines are equipped with the latest technology or you are considering replacing older equipment, read on to learn how embracing these advancements can have a significant impact on your laundry room.


Research in early 2015 found that more than 90% of decision-makers in OPL facilities do not fully understand the cost of their laundry operation, but now this has never been easier. Advanced controls with real-time monitoring capabilities give OPL managers and executives complete visibility