Vale Michael Cohn

May 20, 2021

4/05/1944 – 27/04/2021

Michael Cohn passed away just after Anzac Day. He successfully fought prostate cancer about 5 years ago, but the cancer reappeared last year.

Michael Cohn was born to parents who both fled Germany before WW2 but met in Australia. The family members who remained in Germany perished in the Holocaust. Michaels father after serving in the Australian Army during the war worked in the textile industry. It is little wonder that Michael also eventually found himself working in the textile industry.

He decided to start his own business and in 1979 began importing textiles and distributing to laundries. M Cohn & Associates was the first company to specialise in supplying textiles to commercial laundries. 

Michael was soon a well-known face at industry conferences and supplied laundries all over Australia. He gained a reputation as being both very knowledgeable about textiles as well as supplying a high quality product.

Michael loved the industry and made many friends over the 40 plus years. He was very competitive and didn’t like to lose a sale. Prior to Corona virus Michael planned to take extended leave to travel overseas with his wife Anne. However due to the lock down those plans were put on hold. It was during the lockdown Michael decided to retire from the business that carries his name.

The planned trips never happened and early this year Michaels health rapidly deteriorated.

He had many outside interests including his beloved Geelong Football Club and was an active board member of organisations such as Liberty Victoria and Fitted for Work.

 Michael was a great business partner who took business very seriously but also loved to joke. I personally enjoyed working with him for 18 years. He is greatly missed by those who worked with him as well as many of his customers.

The LAA send our condolences to his wife Anne and children Amy and Phil and their families.

He was an icon of our industry