Come Join Us!

The Association is a company limited by guarantee. We are working to increase awareness across the industry with all stakeholders including customers.

We encourage members to attend quarterly general meetings throughout the year as they provide a great opportunity to network with industry professionals. The meetings provide a forum to network; share generic information; and discuss trends.

The membership classes are defined by the LAA Constitution. We endeavour to support all companies in the laundry supply chain; therefore the member definitions have been developed to encompass the whole industry.

LAA are establishing strong links with international associations such as the TRSA and ETSA; fostering greater cooperation; working in partnership to better support the Industry.

Through our networks we are able to connect with companies in the Asia Pacific region; sharing laundry best practice.

So come and connect with companies in the sector and join forces in influencing policy, standards and legislation.

The classes of Membership are:


Full Member

is an individual company or the State branch in the Industry;



Associate Member

is a company operating
in the supply chain of
the Industry.

Members are required to complete a Membership Application form and a Membership Agreement which includes a Code of Conduct. Members are required to comply with the code to ensure they operate with the highest ethical standards


"As a member of the LAA, your voice will be unified with other members to be heard more clearly and more effectively."



We are the laundry industry’s voice to
government, standards and regulatory
bodies. We ensure our members
voices are heard to influence policies
and issues that concern the members
and the industry generally.



All LAA member details are included on
our website for current and future


Training and Education

We encourage the development of industry
based education and training through
registered training organisations and
in-house in member companies. Education
and training is essential to ensure
compliance with Codes of Practice and
workplace safety requirements.

How to become a member

Becoming a member is easy!