November 19, 2021

Dear LAA Members and readers,

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to join the LAA as CEO from Monday of this week.  I can assure you that I am determined to achieve outcomes in the best interest of all members of the LAA, and to pursue the objectives in our LAA Strategic Plan [HERE].

Our industry is an essential one that ensures that a range of other sectors can continue to operate, from operating rooms in hospitals through to food manufacturing plants, restaurants and motels.  All of them depend upon our laundries and textile services, and the LAA represents you as your national peak industry body.

As I focus on our LAA Strategic Plan and objectives, in this first week I have contacted every health minister, shadow minister and the key Federal, State and Territory health officials, to start a significant engagement program.  This is designed to not just pursue our LAA and industry objectives, but to build the public awareness of the important role of our sector.  I have also been in contact with Standards Australia to start the process of a new Australian Standard that will replace AS 4146:2000.   

As CEO I am here for all our members, from the big operators through to the smaller businesses that provide a service to meet local needs both in our major cities and in regional areas.  I want to hear the views and concerns of every member, and potential member, so that the LAA’s representation is highly effective.  As CEO my efforts are for you as members!

My background is quite varied, however this is the third industry body that I have led as CEO.  I was also in the Federal Parliament as an MP for nine years, an Army Officer for 15 years (leaving as a Major), and I have also represented Australia and NSW in the sport of rowing in the 1980s.  I have at times lived in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Broome.

My background has provided me with a great deal of experience in government relations, governance and administration, which I now bring to the LAA, in order to support you as our members.  I am aiming to bring every sector business into the LAA and ensure that you receive good value from your membership.

For your information, I am based in Perth and I start each morning at 9am (Eastern Daylight Savings time) or at other times by appointment.  My contact information is 0410976919 and at the new CEO email of

I look forward to speaking with you very soon.

Best wishes,
Luke Simpkins