Advancing Knowledge

The Laundry Association Australia is committed to advancing the knowledge; competency; skills; and abilities of Members through providing support for education; mentoring services; and professional advice.

The Laundry Industry in Australia is a global leader with only one other country with a qualification specific to the Laundry Industry. Australia’s laundry training  is recognised  though out Australia; the Pacific Region; Asia; and the Middle East.

It is essential employees are provided with accredited training and instruction compliant with the guidelines in the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4146:2000 Laundry Practice, and the Health Care Industry’s Code of Practice for Laundries.

The LAA  encourages all laundries to provide training to meet the Standard, Code of Practice and Accreditation within the areas of:

  • health-care-icon
    Health Care
  • aged-care-icon
    Aged Care
  • hospitality-icon
  • corrective-services-icon
    Corrective Services
  • disability-services-icon
    Disability Services

Accredited Training is delivered by select Registered Training Organisations. RTO’s who deliver training for our Industry must comply with the guidelines as set out by ASQA Standards 2015 which ensures all RTO’s maintain industry proficiency; relevance; networking; and consultation with all aspects of the laundry industry.

RTO’s deliver training for our Industry in the classroom and on the job; and is contextualised for specific areas and the use of specialised equipment in our Industry.


Accredited Training


Pre Vocational – An entry level course that provides skills prior to entering the industry, or in conjunction with workplace induction. This course ensures new entrants understand the safety requirements specific to the workplace environment.

Certificate II-Laundry Operations – Certificate II is delivered primarily to Corrective Service Inmates and Disability Laundry’s. The Certificate II provides industry relevant skills, and encourages development and pathways leading into the industry.

Certificate III Laundry Operations – Certificate III is for new entrants; existing employees; and those seeking a career in the Laundry Industry. Government funding and incentives are provided. Programs are designed for industry to recruit and develop new entrants; progressing employees into full time employment; developing skills for sustainability; and continuing the growth of the industry.

Certificate IV Leadership and Management – Certificate IV is for laundry managers to develop and grow their skills specifically to the Laundry Industry. Designed especially for:

  • leading hands;
  • supervisors;
  • operations managers; and
  • management at any level.

The Certificate IV will provide the tools required for compliance with the Standards and Code of Practice; WHS; Project Management; employees etc.

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